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Sarah Williams

Hand Weaver and Textile Artist


I have been exploring the process of making hand woven cloth, starting from the fibre. This first piece is wool from various breeds of sheep.

The fibre has been dyed with vegetable dyes such as madder, walnut, onion skins and daffodil using the solar method, plus woad and indigo. Then hand spun into a single ply yarn and woven on my counter-marche floor loom.

I've made the tunic It it quite difficult to make neat seams with such thick cloth so I hand sewed them. I then made a few yards of woollen braid to finish off the arm holes and neck. I knitted the pockets, using the same yarn.

It is very warm so can only be worn in the depths of winter, but I'm still rather pleased with it. I hope to get around to loading a photograph soon.